What makes Sneaky Klean™  different from all of the other cleaners out there?
Sneaky Klean™  penetrates the soil and cleans beneath the surface.

Will Sneaky Klean make the color on my shoes bleed?
Sneaky Klean™ will not bleed you shoes, but make sure to use a soft-brush. Test the material first.

Where can I buy Sneaky Klean?
Here online at www.sneakyklean.com . If interested in carrying Sneaky Klean™ in your store email sales@sneakyklean.com.

Does Sneaky Klean really take out blood and wine?
Yes, Sneaky Klean really takes out blood and wine!
Is Sneaky Klean™  safe?
Sneaky Klean™  is completely safe for your shoes and the environment.

Will Sneaky Klean™  make my shoes yellow?
No, Sneaky Klean's patented formula was created just for that purpose, oxidation.  It not only cleans your shoes, but keeps them oxidation free.

Will Sneaky Klean take out oxidation and yellowing?
Yes, Sneaky Klean’s™ patented formula works hard to bring your shoes back to looking brand new.